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Liberty High School/Middle School Music

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THE ULTIMATE DISCOUNT CARDS- Still only $12 per card!
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Liberty Edition: http://bit.ly/Liberty-Card
Monticello Edition: http://bit.ly/Monticello-Card
Middletown Edition: http://bit.ly/Middletown-Card

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Purchase 5 cards get 1 Free!

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Fundraiser Ends: May 17.

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Liberty High School/Middle School Music

Top Donations

Tracey Magie

12 Liberty/4Monticello/4Middletown (add 4 free cards=1 Liberty/1 Mont/2 Middletown

Christie Graham

6 Middletown cards.


2 liberty, 2 Monticello,2 Middletown

Laurel Anderson

5+1 liberty. 1 monticello

dawn krenner

3 Monticello 1 Middletown 1 liberty